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0180 Service Numbers

CORAZÓN_service180 – Cost Sharing for your Services

0180 phone numbers are a fee-based service for your customers. Unlike 0800 telephone numbers where the call receiver bears the entire cost of the call, 0180 call costs are shared between the caller and the receiver. The incurred costs vary according to whether the call was made from a landline or a mobile phone.

Number Increment Cost
0180-1 per minute* 0,039 €
0180-2 per call * 0,06 €
0180-3 per minute* 0,09 €
0180-4 per call * 0,20 €
0180-5 per minute* 0,14 €
0180-6 per call * 0,20 €
0180-7 per minute* 0,14 €

*from a landline (The cost for a phone call is determined by the Federal Network Agency.)

CORAZÓN_service180 - Our Services:

  • Setup and operation of 0180 numbers
  • Intelligent routing for connections
  • Provision of an online routing tool
  • Forwarding of incoming calls to a pre-selected destination
  • Availability of comprehensive real-time statistics regarding SLA, phone calls, durations, costs, etc.
  • Optional: phone number extension of between 1-5 digits is possible for the provision of up to 10,000 numbers.
  • Optional: forwarding and distribution of incoming calls, including the planning of a virtual call centre

CORAZÓN_service180 - Your Advantages:

  • Rapid provision of services
  • Extensive experience in 180 service design
  • Highest network security standards
  • 24 hour monitoring / service support
  • Changes are uncomplicated and can be implemented any time
  • Carrier-related services for cost-free waiting queues

If you would like more information, we would be happy to advise you. There are several ways to get in touch:

Call us anytime! You can reach our customer service centre on 0611 - 3346 750, or use the contact form to request more information or place your order! Alternatively, connect to our customer service centre free of charge! Leave your contact number here and we would be happy to call you.

CORAZÓN's Principle


Concepts tailored for customers and industries.


Flexible customer service that goes beyond your expectations.


Personal service number activation in only 30 minutes.

Industry-Oriented Solution

Thanks to individual teams of specialists from a wide range of industries, CORAZÓN is capable of understanding your business and offering an optimal, individualised solution.

  • Call Centre Services / Service Providers
  • Mail Order /
  • Banks / Financial Service Providers
  • Insurance
  • Public Sector
  • IT / Communication
  • Media
  • Entertainment

What CORAZÓN Customers Say

  • The CORAZÓN Group is an innovative service provider with whom we work successfully in the SMS services field. Developing an optimal solution for every individual customer is absolute top priority for both parties. CORAZÓN’s significant experience in telecommunications and payment environments helps us to broaden the palate of mobile services and to offer everything to our customers under the one roof!

    Hans-Jürgen Stüber,
    Managing Director of pitcom GmbH


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