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Technical Terms - explained simply

Just as in any industry, telecommunications has developed so-called value-added service terminology that is not always easy to understand for beginners, and very easy to misunderstand.

To the best of our knowledge and conscious, we’d like to explain the more current word developments to you. If you notice a term missing, use the contact form to let us know so that we can amend the list.


API - Application Programming Interface - is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a Web-based software application or Web tool.


Bitcoin (BTC) is a global available virtual currency that works without a central repository. Money transactions are processed online using a special peer-to- peer application or rather an association of computers.


If required, you can block particularly callers, for example if you recognise them as late payers. The caller will be denied service and not put through. The number directory containing these numbers is called a blacklist. The opposite of blacklist is whitelist.

Call Agent

The operators that take calls from your special phone numbers are your “call agents”. Their main role is to handle telephone calls with private or business customers. They mostly work in an open-plan office and require specific technical knowledge in the field that you represent or the products you are selling.

Moreover, call agents should be trained in psychological dealings with people and in efficient conversational skills. There aren’t too many formal employment criterion placed on the candidates, however the following points are addressed:

  • Pleasant and resilient speaking voice
  • Professional dealings with people
  • Positive attitude with high resistance to stress
  • Fast and efficient working methods
  • Basic knowledge of PC applications

Call Centre

A call centre is a telephone advisory centre or business that is designed to make industry contact by telephone. Customer contact is established either actively (outbound: the call centre initiates the call) or passively (inbound: the call centre is contacted).

Call centres fulfil various requirements

  • The relaying of information
  • Customer service
  • Complaint management
  • Market research
  • Opinion polling
  • Contract and order processing
  • Telephone number information
  • Emergency services
  • Sales

Carrier Service

As a large enterprise or service provider, you concern yourself with information technology and infrastructural links on a daily basis. Naturally, these processes are an important part of your business activities, and as a result they must adhere to the most current standards and fulfil all justifiable demands. If this is a good representation of your activity profile and business expectations, we would be happy to stand by your side as your carrier service partner.

CORAZÓN Carrier Service

CORAZÓN is particularly specialised in individual service packages and extensive technical integration, as well as advance service and price transparency, through which we distinguishing ourselves from other service and carrier providers. As our customer, you receive comprehensive solutions with regard to carrier services, all of which are presented to you in an individually tailored carrier service package.

Carrier Services by CORAZÓN combine sophisticated and customer-oriented services with tried-and-tested advantages that are thoroughly confirmed by our many existing customers. Find out more about our complete range of carrier service packages.

If you would like more information, we would be happy to advise you. To make contact, you can either use our contact form or phone 0611 - 3346 750.


Content refers to the content or themes for telephone conversations. Each branch requires a suitable solution concerning the allocated purpose of each phone number and the nature of the telephone conversation. For example, the “content” of a legal advisory service hotline is considerably different from that of a fortune telling information service. Furthermore, there is a distinction between live content and recorded content.


CPA = Cost-per-Acquisition

CPA is a method that compares the value or revenue driven by conversions under different attribution models.


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